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State agencies rely on the private sector to collect and analyze data for state healthcare programs. An individual doctor's office is out of reach for most programs due to the high costs to connect to the electronic health record system.


Confidential SOLUTION

Our client manages the collection and analysis of data for state-run healthcare programs. Their information helps the state stay within the federally-mandated guidelines and allows them to quickly uncover issues surrounding public health.

The states enjoy letting someone else worry about how to get the data and then figuring out how to find the hidden gems within it.

There was just one major problem for our client. Their internal timeframe to bring up a new connection to a medical facility was getting longer, and longer. Worst of all was that individual doctor's offices were financially out of reach and there was no easy way to create and manage the tens of thousands of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) required to receive the data.



Our client was already in the HL7 integration business. They had built out thousands of connections to hospitals and the daily management issues that come with VPNs were slowly consuming them. They had to get out of the VPN business. Fast.

That is when they reached out to MI7 to talk about Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.



MI7's tech geniuses explained how Q was VPN-less and how the client could swap out a VPN connection for a dynamic on-demand connection. Q's connection stayed up even when the facility changed their ISP, changed their external IP Address, changed firewall brands, moved data centers, and even changed EHRs.

The client was impressed enough to immediately start implementing Q at new hospitals. Over time they plan to swap out all existing connections to Q. When asked about the timeframe it takes to bring up a new connection, their team now says "minutes" when they used to say "months."

And one more thing. They are thrilled to have access to the data from those individual doctor's offices. The data leads to a much better state program.

Partly thanks to Q.



MI7 can help your analytics company effortlessly collect patient data with Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.


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