What is The Bridge?

The Bridge is a HIPAA-Compliant web server solution you can deploy to your development, staging, and production environments. It is designed to install and communicate natively with the Q software in minutes.

It comes pre-loaded with API endpoints and a scalable database that stores and manages Q's standard JSON messages. Simply connect to its API and exchange messages with EHRs.

Want to send new and updated appointments, patients, clinical documentation, or other messages to the EHR? Drop JSON messages in The Bridge to see them in the EHR seconds later.

What does it cost?

The Bridge is included in some bundled Q packages. For those looking to purchase The Bridge separately, please contact your MI7 sales professional for pricing or submit a support ticket.

How do I get The Bridge?

The Bridge is available for download on The Briefcase for those with it in their bundled package. If you don't have the download link in your menu, please contact your MI7 account manager to add it or submit a support ticket.

Don't have an account yet? Not a problem. Simply sign up by clicking the test drive button below.