Q powers Ad Hoc EHR Querying


It is important for you to know that we don't share MI7 client names. We are their secret agents and we like to keep our approach covert in nature. Please know that we will treat you with the same respect when you are our client.



EHRs provide external systems with data the EHR team thinks is needed. Applications need data hidden within the databases and data stores of these monolithic systems to enhance the value proposition to patients, providers, and insurance companies.


Confidential SOLUTION

Our client markets to and matches new patients with specialty physician practices across the United States. Their platform increases retention rates by automating personalized patient communication.


Doctors at their client locations were getting more and more comfortable with our client's platform and as such our client continued to innovate new features with the new data.



The problem with existing integration options is that it provided a limited view into the lifecycle of the patient. Sure they could get scheduled appointments and procedures performed, but they were missing other vital information.

That is when they reached out to MI7 to talk about the new ad hoc query module within Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.



Our client's dedicated MI7 account manager explained how the Query Data Modules for Q unlocked all data at medical facilities by running ad hoc queries throughout the day to gather the additional information needed for their new features.

Within a couple days our client wrote queries using the first EHR's schema and piloted the Query Data Modules at a handful of locations. This "feature pilot" lasted for 90 days and over that time the data gathered found its way into two new paid offerings on our client's platform.

They uncovered additional revenue oppportunities and now have the tools to search for more. They now run queries across all facilities and find the new Query Data Modules to be the additional tool needed to unblock the data they require.

Partly thanks to Q.



MI7 can help your company effortlessly query EHR databases and data stores with Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.


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