What is Silencer?

Silencer is a message management add-on for Q that will optimize the messages your application receives each day.

Message Filtering

Simply turn on Silencer's message filtering feature to suppress messages your application doesn't need based on individual message triggers. Filter out all messages except those from the oncology group or those for a specific doctor's patients. It can also filter messages globally such patients who use a Cigna health insurance plan or those that book appointments through your application.

Message Cleansing

Eliminate unneeded data from any portion of the message prior to sending it outside the medical facility's firewall. Silencer's message cleansing features allow you to remove any piece of data you want such as a social security number, cell phone number, insurance company, procedure, prescription, or anything else your application desires.

How do I get it?

Silencer is now a standard feature of the Q software. It will be included in your standard monthly subscription.

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