Mar 13, 2015
Medical Intelligence Services firm MI7 releases dossier at SXSWi Health & MedTech Expo

AUSTIN, TX ­ Eicon, an Austin­-based medical intelligence services company, is now MI7.

Making its debut at SXSWi Health and MedTech expo, MI7 is demonstrating its current offering for healthcare application developers.

The biggest challenge facing healthcare application developers is trying to get patient data out of, and send patient data into, the systems at hospitals, clinics, and offices that store electronic health records, electronic medical records, and electronic dental records.

MI7's first product simply called "Q" converts the language of EMR systems into the language of application developers.

"Q provides developers with JSON over REST instead of asking developers to interpret and communicate via HL7, the complicated standard typically offered by EMR companies." said Randall Baker who goes by "R" on his business card. "Our software is already in place at hundreds of medical facilities around the country and is in use by hundreds of thousands of patients."

Founded by the industry experts and leaders in medical software system integration and management, MI7 expects to attract many new developers at this year’s inaugural SXSWi Health and MedTech Expo happening at the new JW Marriott in downtown Austin on March 16­ and 17.

"We are the 'guys behind the guys' of your favorite health apps, so we tend to be a bit more 'secret agent­esque' in nature." said Baker.

About MI7
We link apps to patient data. MI7's universal API called "Q" provides a direct connection to patient information in EMR, EHR, and EDR systems. "Q" is unique in its simplicity of implementation, affordability, and ingenious technical model that magically converts HL7 to JSON, freeing app developers from the need of a data integration engine or highly­trained and expensive HL7 staff. Simply put, MI7 makes it easy to build and deploy healthcare apps. "Q" ­ the health data liberation tool of choice for the top healthcare apps in the market. Learn more at

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