Nov 09, 2015
MI7 and ReelDx bring doctor and patient generated video to patient records

AUSTIN, TX – Today MI7 and ReelDx, two industry-leading service providers that are committed to tackling elusive healthcare interoperability challenges for their clients, announced a partnership that provides patient and doctor video capabilities to Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) for follow-up care.

The duo addresses follow-up care as the patient leaves the medical facility with, ReelDx’s HIPAA-compliant video management system, paired with Q, MI7’s software. Q enables real-time access to follow-up instructions alongside the ReelDx video of the doctor’s instructions. This can be placed within a patient portal, mobile application, or anywhere the patient needs.

Secondly, patient generated data and video can be transmitted back into the patient’s chart at the hospital and all associated medical facilities using Q. In many cases, the patient needs to record video of their recovery progress, where stores the video and links to it within the patient’s chart for the doctor’s review alongside the other patient generated data.

“Working with MI7 is a natural fit for ReelDx,” said Bill Kelly, CEO and co-founder of ReelDx. “When our customers use to capture and store video of telemedicine sessions or live interactions between patient and provider, they want that video to show up in their normal workflow. MI7 makes that happen in EHRs and patient portals.”

Q provides software developers with a cost-effective solution for exchanging patient data with EHRs using JSON. Q allows a healthcare software company to eliminate the need for costly and insecure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) while at the same time using modern technologies for communication.

“Our partnership with ReelDx brings the leading technologies together to improve the quality of patient care, regardless of whether the patient is at the hospital, doctor’s office, or in their home.” said Zac Jiwa, CEO of MI7.

Q has integrated with over 20 of the industry's top EHRs representing over 60% of the install base. It is a turnkey solution for application developers. Companies using Q can connect to hospitals, doctors' offices, and clinics within minutes. More information about Q can be found at

Interested in learning more? Please visit the MI7 and ReelDx page.

About MI7
MI7, is an Austin, TX-based digital health company focused on the integration with Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) eliminating the need for a data integration engine or highly-trained and expensive integration staff. MI7’s software Q is used by digital health application companies to exchange patient and chart information with EHRs. Our clients represent solutions such as telehealth, population health, mobile health, patient engagement, and data analytics. More information can be found by visiting or by emailing Follow MI7 on Twitter at @MI7Corp.

About ReelDx
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ReelDx provides a powerful cloud-based platform that enables the creation, storage, and sharing of Personal Clinical Video™ in a variety of healthcare software. Personal video content can improve medical education, increase the effectiveness of patient communications, and allow providers to more efficiently and accurately record clinical encounters. The company partners with healthcare software developers, medical manufacturers, provider organizations, and educational systems to enable asynchronous HIPAA-compliant video for a wide variety of uses, including education, patient monitoring, and patient engagement. More information can be found at

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