Sep 27, 2016
MI7 announces public release of EHR Data Query Modules at Health 2.0

AUSTIN, TX - MI7 announced a public release of Data Query Modules for its Q integration software suite at Health 2.0.

The country's leading healthcare innovators, digital health companies, and investors are meeting in San Francisco at the 10th annual Health 2.0 conference with panels focusing on interoperability: "The New Era for Data Integration and Access" and "Information Blocking, APIs & App Stores: The State of Play in Data Access."

The new Data Query Modules offer a unique methodology for connecting applications to richer information stored within electronic health record systems. Each Data Query Module allows an application to query a specific EHR's databases and data stores, unlocking data previously unsupported with other integration methods.

"We heard our clients loud and clear when they said they had no way to get at data tucked deep into the EHR databases. That is precisely why we opted to connect client applications to the EHR data through our new set of Data Query Modules." said Richard Bagdonas, Chief Healthcare Architect of MI7. "EHR data has infinite potential if it is unblocked and unlocked."

One of the initial clients using Data Query Modules needed to know which patients were having a birthday each day. They wrote a simple query to return those patients they could wish happy birthday and schedule for an annual exam.

SELECT FirstName, LastName, CellPhone, EmailAddress FROM [Patient] WHERE DatePart(month, DOB) = DatePart(month, getdate()) and DatePart(day, DOB) = DatePart(day, getdate())

Another client using Data Query Modules required complex financial information segmented for specific procedures performed at the hospital and surrounding facilities. The client's development team constructed a custom query to collect this information and report it hourly.

Innovations such as Data Query Modules enable cutting-edge use cases for healthcare segments such as precision medicine, the Vice President's Cancer Moonshot initiative, and genomic/proteomic research.

"Q" has integrated with the industry's top EHR systems and integration engines, which allows it to be a turnkey solution for application developers. Companies that use "Q" can quickly turn up hospitals, doctors offices, and clinics around the country. More information about "Q" can be found at

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