Oct 20, 2015
MI7 does it again... adds MediTouch by HealthFusion to list of supported EHRs

AUSTIN, TX - MI7 announced that it has completed a bidirectional integration between MI7's software "Q" and HealthFusion MediTouch electronic health record and practice management system.

The MediTouch module allows Q to communicate bidirectionally with the MediTouch EHR, which helps doctors increase patient engagement/satisfaction and improve quality of care.

"Q" is MI7's universal API, providing a direct connection between electronic health record systems and digital health applications.

"I may sound like a broken record each week when we announce new EHR integrations, but our clients are driving us into exciting new medical facilities." said Zac Jiwa, CEO of MI7. "MediTouch opens the door to cardiologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, and gynecologists. And they all want - and need - great digital health experiences for their patients."

"Q" has integrated with the industry's top EHR systems and integration engines, which allows it to be a turnkey solution for application developers. Companies that use "Q" can quickly turn up hospitals, doctors offices, and clinics around the country. More information about "Q" can be found at http://mi7.io/Q.

About MI7
We connect digital health apps to patient data. MI7's universal API, called "Q" - provides a direct connection to patient information in clinical data systems. "Q" is unique in its simplicity of implementation, affordability, and technology model that magically converts HL7 to JSON, freeing app developers from the need of a data integration engine or highly-trained and expensive HL7 staff. Simply put, MI7 makes it easy to build and deploy health care apps. "Q" - the health data liberation tool of choice for the top digital health apps in the market. Learn more at mi7.io/Q.

About HealthFusion
Founded in 1998, HealthFusion develops web-based, cloud computing software for physicians, hospitals, and medical billing services. HealthFusion’s fully integrated solution includes MediTouch EHR (Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal) and MediTouch PM (Practice Management and Claims Clearinghouse). MediTouch EHR was designed for use on mobile tablets such as the iPad, and offers a unique array of features that facilitate adoption of EHR technology. Features include a mobile Pure Cloud platform, cross-compatibility with traditional desktop and laptop devices, and an affordable subscription payment model. MediTouch EHR is Meaningful Use Certified, and thousands of users throughout the country place their trust in HealthFusion and MediTouch every day. Healthcare is complicated; HealthFusion makes it easy. To learn more visit HealthFusion.com.