Apr 13, 2015
MI7 releases version 2 of Q with new user interface and enhanced security features

AUSTIN, TX - MI7, an Austin-based medical intelligence services company announced that it has completed a major release (version 2) of Q - its universal API for healthcare information.

The new Q installation user interface lowers the technical know-how bar for each person installing Q.

"MI7 has made it extremely simple for anyone to install Q at hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, and dentist offices. There are also many enhancements that continue to strengthen our industry-leading security features." said Randall Baker, President of MI7. He added "We have already begun transitioning clients to version 2 with 100% success."

One of the recently-announced features of Q is its ability to convert traditional HL7 messages to FHIR-compliant JSON. Installing Q allows application developers to connect their backend systems to operate within the JASON Task Force’s recommended implementation of FHIR. This greatly accelerates each application developer’s implementation time at their clients location.

Q has integrated with dozens of the top EHR systems which allows it to be a turnkey service for application developers. Companies that use Q can quickly turn on FHIR interfaces at hospitals around the country. More information about Q can be found at http://mi7.io/Q.

About MI7

We link apps to patient data. MI7's universal API called "Q" provides a direct connection to patient information in EMR, EHR, and EDR systems. "Q" is unique in its simplicity of implementation, affordability, and ingenious technical model that magically converts HL7 to JSON, freeing app developers from the need of a data integration engine or highly-trained and expensive HL7 staff. Simply put, MI7 makes it easy to build and deploy healthcare apps. "Q" - the health data liberation tool of choice for the top healthcare apps in the market. Learn more at mi7.io

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