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The Top 5 Healthcare Predictions for You

Posted by Richard Bagdonas on Jan 3, 2017 12:00:00 AM Austin entrepreneur with 4 acquisitions and 2 exits to the public markets. Proud father, husband, and philanthropist. @richardbagdonas

2017 will see a huge shift in healthcare. From new technology, to increased costs, or to the implementation of the services you receive, it will be different. You can bet on it.

The question is how will this all relate to you? Here are our predictions for you specifically.

1. You will get sick

The likelihood is that you will get sick this year. Whether it be the common cold, the flu, or even from food. How likely?

From a cold

Families with school-age children can get up to 12 colds per child a year. Adults get up to 4 colds a year. Women 20 to 30 years of age have more colds than men.

From the flu

There is up to a 20% chance you will get the flu this year.

From food

It is estimated that each year in the United States, 76 million people get sick as a result of food-borne illnesses.

2. You will see your doctor

Whether it be from a wellness exam, physical, cold, flu, or injury, you have a 83.2% chance of seeing your doctor.

3. You will go to a CVS or Walgreens

There is a high percentage you will enter a CVS or a Walgreens at some point during this year.


With over 9,600 stores you may be one of the 10M people getting pharmacy counseling, 31M people going to their Minute Clinics, or 70M people who regularly use their ExtraCare membership.


With over 8,200 stores within 5 miles of 76% of the United States population, you may be one of the 87M people using their Balance Rewards program, or one of the 10M people a day who go to a Walgreens

4. You won’t have access to your full patient history

There is no central repository of all your patient information. The data resides in countless systems across every medical facility you have visited in your life.

The only way to get access to it is to contact each facility and request it. Well that is if you remember every place you have visited to get medical help.

This doesn’t include EMS systems and all of the other ways you can get medical assistance.

5. You will get frustrated with your experience

Based on the above, there is a very high percentage chance you will become frustrated with one of the following aspects of your healthcare experience.

  1. Your health insurance company
  2. Your doctor’s magazine selection in the waiting room
  3. The hospital waiting times
  4. The pharmacy lines
  5. The ridiculous process by which your pharmacy has to ask for an approval for a medication your doctor prescribed
  6. Medications in general
  7. Co-pays
  8. Increasing deductibles
  9. Increasing out-of-pocket costs
  10. You aren’t getting healthcare, you are getting sick care.

This may not paint a pretty picture, but it is the reality of our healthcare system. Do you want to see a pretty picture? Take a gander at this one.

A pretty picture A pretty picture

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